The Shepherd Group

Are you concerned that today’s society does not prepare people to face life-threatening situations or make life-saving decisions in a moment of crisis?

Are you the person in your family and groups of friends that always takes on the responsibility of contingency planning and being vigilant while those around you are not paying attention to their surroundings?

If you are that person and want to be intentional in providing for the security and safety of others, this is the place for you. The Shepherd Group is our mentorship program. Here we come along beside you in your journey to obtain security, safety, and peace of mind for your family, group, or community. We will help instill in them the principles, habits, and techniques that will serve them throughout their lives.

Here you will find knowledge, instruction, and mentorship to take you step-by-step of not only seeing to the safety of others but empowering them with the capability to successfully face and overcome the threats they might face in the future.

In the Shepherd Group we not only coach you in assimilating the body of content; we teach you proven techniques to empower others with the power of prudence. Young children and grandparents alike can learn how to to be safer and deal with crises and threats successfully.


Make empowering others with the gift of peace of mind

Part of your legacy.

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