The Power of Prudence

June 7th, 2017 Posted by Guns and Firearms, Insurgencies, Intelligence Community, International Travel, Middle East, Personal Safety, Security, Self-Reliance, Terrorism, US Special Operations Forces, Warfare 0 thoughts on “The Power of Prudence”

Every time terrorists attack at home or abroad, I get questions from family, friends, clients, and on social media about how to become safer. Some ask how to stop terrorism. Others want to know what items to carry to protect themselves. It seems I am often asked for advice just before an acquaintance or a family member travels abroad. The recent attacks in Manchester and London brought a high volume of questions as the images plastered on our screens caused deep concern and even fear.

While a dramatic act of terror that often spurs clients, friends, and family to seek my help, the world has steadily become more violent and deadly. Threats from hate crimes, criminal acts, spillover from drug-related violence, social unrest, and protests seem to be common occurrences. When observers express reactive concern and seek to respond to growing danger with sporadic commitments that wane as interest dies down, answers are ineffectual at best and unsuccessful at worst. The first thing needed to be safer is a change of mindset to one that demands we be vigilant and prepared at all times and that we practice measures that enhance our readiness and security. My website describes how and why I developed the principles and techniques I teach clients to do that, and I will be discussing and demonstrating many of the techniques I developed through this blog and the website.

The truth is terrorism, violent crime, social unrest, and even threats from a natural disaster are happening right now at many places, some very near you. Even in well-policed locations, emergency response times are often 3-5 minutes. Most violent crimes and acts of terror are over before then. Understanding that you are often just around the corner from a potential threat is the first practical step to becoming safer. Then you accept the fact that you must be self-reliant until help arrives. Those are the two critical beliefs needed to begin the process of incorporating the principles and techniques I teach into your daily life. I want you to be able to reside, travel, and work anywhere you choose with the confidence that comes from knowing you are ready to react in a crisis. You need to prepare ahead of time and always be aware of your surroundings, or at least be in a group where someone is focused on potential threats in your environment.  You cannot predict when you may be suddenly faced with life or death decisions, so being ready must become ingrained in your daily lives.

The main tenets of my philosophy for living that kind of life are knowledge, vigilance, and prudence. Incorporating these into your lifestyle does not mean you become paranoid and walk around with your head on a swivel or are fearful or aggressive towards strangers. It means you become more intentional in your actions, remain more situationally aware of your surroundings, and have emergency actions rehearsed.

Join me here on this blog, or sign up for informative emails as I share principles, techniques, tools, and tips to help you live a safer and more confident life. I will also talk about ways to instill the principles and incorporate the techniques with your family. I lived through many dangerous encounters during my career, but my story is not about what I did; it is about enabling and empowering you and your loved ones. I want to mentor shepherds for a world of wolves.

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