Today’s environment is filled with threats of violence seemingly just around the corner. We rarely go more than a few days or weeks without seeing the aftermath of mass shootings, terror attacks, or civil disturbances inundating our media. At the same time, we live in a culture that increasingly is distracted, has less experience in dealing with life-threatening situations, and wants to shift the onus of protecting us to someone else.

Some of us feel a responsibility or duty to be the person in our group or community to see to the safety of the others. Are you are the person that always wound up as the designated driver, the person that took out the office trash, cleaned the sink, etc.. when no one else would? You know, the thankless tasks that otherwise go undone in any group, but few are willing to step up and do?

Are you also concerned about the threats we face today and the aspects of our culture that make us vulnerable to acts of violence?  If so, I know you will find the resources you need to help you lead your group in our Shepherd Group curriculum. You may be the matriarch or patriarch of a family. You might be a volunteer on a mission trip, chaperone for a school outing, or just the person willing to be the responsible adult in a group of crazy friends. Whichever endeavor, and given today’s threats, someone has to remain vigilant; someone needs to plan for emergencies, and someone needs to step up in a crisis. Our families, groups, and communities need shepherds. At The Gary Harrington Company, we mentor shepherds for a world full of wolves.

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