Self-protection begins with the realization that you cannot rely on others, including law enforcement, to protect you or prevent you from being the victim of an attack, whether that attack comes from terrorists, civil unrest, criminals, or just plain crazies like the Vegas shooter.

Some observers will decide there is nothing they can do, and it is just a reality of today’s world. They will only worry about it when another attack hits the news, but then soon be back to normal routines, hoping not to become one of the statistics of a future act of violence.

Others will want to do something, but where do you go? There are martial arts and self-defense schools; there are handgun classes, and equipment such as mace, pepper spray, and Tasers. How do you choose what is right for you or your loved ones?

At the Gary Harrington Company, we believe there is no “hack” to self-protection. We believe it is a way of life. A way of life that has Gary’s principles of self-protection woven throughout its fabric. We start with knowledge and preparation, which builds an attitude of confidence to face crises. We help you incorporate vigilance in your daily existence and teach you to make prudent decisions at crucial times, which allows you to take appropriate action to give you the best outcome possible in any circumstance.

We incorporate these principles in all of our self-protection courses and seminars. Whether you are a college student, a businessman traveling to another country, or a person concerned about mass shootings at schools, concerts or churches, the principles of self-protection remain the same. The persons posing the most likely threat may change, and the modality of attack may differ, but the principles that will help you overcome the varied threats of violence remain the same.

Our techniques are suited to the different environments covered in our varied courses and are suited to a variety of physical capabilities, ages, and budgets. You do not need to master difficult martial arts skills, have a lot of strength, or be able to afford expensive measures or devices to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. All you need is a desire to improve your capability to protect yourself, willingness to learn, and a mentor to guide you through the process.

I invite you to read each of our course descriptions for one that best fits the needs of you and yours.


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