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The Street Smarts course is a downloadable course available online at the Power of Prudence Academy. It consists of five modules, each with two to five lessons. Lesson worksheets are downloadable.

Course Details


*1  We are all busy. In fact, it seems that we have become “busier” than ever before. We have devices that can entertain us everywhere we go and at any time. We can get a leg up on that meeting we are going to attend, pick a movie for the evening and even buy the ticket as we walk or ride to lunch that we choose online, and then post it all to our friends. Just look what we can accomplish in the time we are traveling to our next destination!

*2  Problem is we are becoming disconnected to the real world the more we “stay connected” electronically. (Prince EA video for a live event?) Not everyone in that sea of islands we pass is an island. Some are sharks looking for prey. And some are bent on doing much more.

*3  With today’s threats, we cannot afford to be disconnected from our protective senses and instincts for long. There are times when we must be connected to our world because the threats to our well being and the safety of our loved ones demand we remain intently focused on our environment.

Discerning a threat is not enough to keep you safe; what do you do when confronted with a life-threatening situation? What preparations did you make earlier? How do you avoid becoming one of those that either freezes or blindly follow the crowd in an emergency? *4  How do you learn how to remain safe, yet respond appropriately?

The Power of Prudence Academy Street Smarts course does just that. We teach you everything you need to know to prepare yourself for threats and emergencies, to remain vigilant to detect threats as they emerge and to make the right decision at the right time to get the best outcome. We empower you to take your destiny into your own hands and to live with the sense of freedom and confidence that come from knowing you are equipped to face the wolves of today’s world. *5

Media Content

*1  Show a busy street with cars and people passing by, at some point, go to high speed to blur the people and traffic. Timed to get increasingly faster and end with the paragraph.

*2  Video of a person walking on a crowded street. Use text bubbles showing people as islands because they are looking at a device or talking on a phone. Then zoom in on a couple nefarious looking people in the crowd; then zoom in on an innocent looking woman pick-pocketing someone.  For the last sentence go to a person wearing a suicide vest or in a VBIED.

*3  Scenes of a terror attack, a mass shooting, a church shooting, an assault or other crime.

*4  Show a large caucasian covered in tatts noticing, then following a woman wearing a coat with an expensive looking scarf dangling out of her pocket. He begins following her and closes in on her. She has noticed him and turns with a can of mace screaming, “Get back.” Does or does not spray? He steps back with hands up or bent over gagging and coughing, then points to her scarf and says, “I was just trying to tell you that you were going to lose your scarf.”

*5  Show the head and face of a person in a crowd changing into that of a wolf.

Course Overview:

Situational Awareness (referred to as SA) is the foundation on which we build all of our courses at the Power of Prudence Academy. Street Smart begins with SA. We cover the physical and psychological reasons some people freeze in crises and the three ways to prevent that from happening. We go into detail of how to avoid, mitigate, and escape from a threat or attack and we cover how to deal with one if it occurs. Not all potential threats turn out to be actual ones. We teach techniques that keep you prepared to protect yourself, but are not harmful to that person that turns out, just to be asking for a handout.

Sometimes it is a necessity or choice to enter a confrontation. We go into detail the do’s and don’ts of conflicts because no matter how seemingly small an issue seems, it can quickly become a deadly confrontation.

Street Smarts is not for just on the street. We discuss choosing your seats in theaters and other public venues. We show you how to have a plan in the event of an active shooter or other immediate threat. We show you how to choose where to run and hide or escape as well as what can protect you vice conceal you as you seek shelter or a route of egress during an attack.

Course Description:

1. The Street Smarts course is a downloadable course available online at the Power of Prudence Academy. It consists of five modules, each with two to five lessons. Lesson worksheets are downloadable.

2. The Street Smarts Live event includes:

  The complete Street Smarts Course

  A live two-day seminar with Gary

  Bonus material

  15% discount on Gary Harrington products

  Breakfast and Lunch provided

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