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This course is downloadable from The Power of Prudence Academy. It consists of four modules, accessible sequentially, with the Foreign Residence Module optional. Two to four lessons comprise each module. Each lesson contains a downloadable worksheet, and a section of additional travel checklists and worksheets are included.

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Foreign travel, including destinations in Europe once vaunted for their tranquility and safety, have become more dangerous for all, especially for Americans. Competition in today’s business environment drives companies to seek business opportunities in countries with varying levels of stability and safety; at the same time countries, once considered safe are becoming riskier to business travelers. An American studying a semester in Paris was the lone American killed in the 2015 Paris terror attacks. These factors combine to paint a gloomy prospect for enjoying travel and pursuing vocational and educational opportunities abroad.

When we travel or live abroad, we are subjecting ourselves to the security of our host country. We no longer have the protection of the security and response entities we have in the US. In attacks abroad, American are often specifically targeted, and sites where Americans are likely to be, rate higher on the terrorists hit list.

What then do we do? Forgo the vacation, not pursue the business trip, mission or charity work, or the opportunity to study abroad? I recently heard one grandmother sadly state that her dream of taking her granddaughters and daughters on a trip to Paris, was gone. While I agree to travel to Europe and other destinations is more dangerous than in previous years, we can still go abroad to work, serve and enjoy the sights, sounds, and experiences foreign destinations offer. Meaningful causes can still be served and new business opportunities pursued. But to do so safely in these times means we need to take more of the onus of our security on ourselves.

Thankfully, The Gary Harrington Company can provide you the training and assistance to do just that. I have over 35 years of serving in the world’s most dangerous places. During much of that time, I traveled, worked, and lived both in small teams and alone, often undercover. I learned how to weave vigilance, security, and safety into my everyday existence. I was always ready for an attack, a riot, or even arrest by a host nation government at any time. In our courses for Foreign Travel and Safety, we teach those proven principles and techniques to students so that they may go anywhere prepared to make the critical decisions and take the prudent actions needed to avoid, survive or overcome the inherent dangers of being abroad in today’s world.

Course Overview:

In this course, we follow the Special Operations model of dividing a trip into three phases. We have added a module with some specific measures for use when residing abroad for a longer term. Our modules are Pre-Travel Preparation, Travel Procedures, Long Term Residence Measures, and Post-Trip Procedures.

We begin with what you need to know before you travel, how to decide what items to obtain before travel, and what programs and steps to initiate before departing. We then go into detail about what to do and how to act in every phase of your travel to remain vigilant and prepared to act. For those residing abroad for a longer period, more than two weeks, we go over additional measures, and precautions to take, based on our experience on the additional risks an extended presence in a foreign country incurs. Lastly, we cover the often forgotten phase of returning home safely.  Many incidents occur just when we think we are home free and our guard is down. We teach you how to follow through with vigilance until you are safely at home. We also discuss procedures to take regarding your electronic devices and intellectual property after a foreign trip. Pending where you have traveled, you might be quite surprised at what you’ve brought home!

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