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There are times when the more prudent course of action is to go along with abduction to survive that crucial first encounter, and then choose a time to escape or free yourself to fight. The Power of Prudence Academy Anti-Abduction Course teaches students how to choose when to resist or fight and when to go along. We prepare them to survive the moment and know how and when to escape. We teach techniques that an abducted person can use to help rescuers locate them.

Course Details

Course Description:  This course covers the following subjects:

A.  Mechanics of abduction and how to recognize initial phases

B.  When to resist or fight and when to cooperate

C.  Setting the stage; how you help abductors restrain you in a way that facilitates your later escape

D.  Survival mindset; how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to survive and escape as a captive or hostage

E.  Determining when to make your escape

F.  Loading: items you can routinely carry that will aid in your escape

G.  Escape from duct tape, rope/cord, zip ties, and hand-cuffs

H.  Practical exercise scenarios


A.  Half-day anti-abduction seminar: Crafted primarily for women or young adults. This course’s primary focus is abduction as part of a sexual crime. It covers all of A-F above and goes over escape from the two most common means of restraint, duct tape, and rope/cord. See *Note 1 below

B.  1-Day anti-abduction seminar: Same as the half-day anti-abduction seminar, plus covers escape while blindfolded, as well as while restrained both hand and foot. Includes realistic scenarios and role play. See *Note 2 below

C.  2-Day escape course:  Designed for persons of a higher risk for abduction or kidnapping for ransom because of travel, occupation,  circumstance or environment.  Covers A-H above. Includes escaping from zip ties, handcuffs, picking handcuffs and involves multiple realistic scenarios. See *Note 3 below



* Note 1:  This training can be arduous for some participants.  A level of physical capability is required to allow a participant to be able to lay on the ground, hold arms above head and make some vigorous movements. Some discomfort is involved primarily from duct tape sticking to the hairs of arms. Some chaffing and in rare cases slight bruising may occur as a result of straining against rope or cords. Some people may feel emotional discomfort at being restrained. We encourage anyone with questions as to their suitability for this training, to consult a physician or psychologist before enrolling. All participants must sign waivers of liability.
* Note 2:  This training includes all hazards of Note 1 above plus the additional hazard of being blindfolded and having both hands and feet restrained while blind-folded.
* Note 3:  This course includes all the hazards of Notes 1 and 2; also participants may be placed in a confined space. The scenarios may involve a simulated abduction including the same handling, language, and demeanor an abductor would use.

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