Peace of mind is not something that can be purchased or bestowed upon you. It is something earned and then lived. A Power of Prudence membership offers an immersion in the culture of prudence. It is a world full of resources to help you assimilate habits and principles that embody preparation, vigilance, and decisiveness. It is a place where we come along beside you to mentor you, celebrate your successes, and challenges as we negotiate the hurdles we face in an increasingly uncertain world.

We come alongside team members through:

  • Bi-weekly podcasts and webinars
  • Access to downloadable resources
  • A private Facebook Group
  • Weekly classes
  • A curated library of videos, memes, files, and podcasts
  • Rapid responses to your security questions
  • Discounts on all Gary Harrington Company courses and products
  • First availability of special events and products


Confidence, capability, and peace of mind are just a click away as a Power of Prudence team member.

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