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The Gary Harrington Company holds a variety of regional live events throughout the year. We offer a range of experiences from full and half-day seminars on specific security topics to exclusive retreats where families and groups enjoy hands-on small group training tailored to accommodate every member.

Our half-day and full-day seminars cover topics such as church security planning, foreign travel safety, preparing for emergencies at large venues, women’s anti-assault training, and securing your family at home.

Retreats or special events are immersive multi-day events focused on subjects such as anti-kidnap and escape training, residing abroad, and a multi-generational family security experience. All events feature not only a training component but immersion in the culture and habits of living securely. There is no better way to instill the habits and principles that can serve your group for generations.

Inquire about customizing your own event combining several of our experiences, or let us work with you to develop your own content.

Watch your inbox, our website, and social media for announcements of upcoming events.

Virtual Events (During COVID19)  – Please note that during coronavirus restrictions on group gatherings, we can do virtual events for your group from our studio. We have teamed with a virtual event production company that give us the capability to provide an experience that is both safe, impactful, and dynamic.

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