The Academy

The Academy is our school house. This is where you can access our decades of experiences in lethal situations and learn the lessons we gained from them before you are faced with your own life-or-death situation.

How are our courses different? We do not simply teach techniques; we also teach the principles, habits and preparations that are essential to face those critical moments, prepared to make the right decisions and take prudent actions to survive and win against the threats of today.

Our courses cover most threats any of us or a family member could face in our lifetimes. All courses include workbooks and many include private FaceBook groups for questions and discussion to help you through the course. Some courses are for planners and people setting up security programs and offer live seminars.

You can access individual courses or access groups of courses through passes that offer discounts to groups of courses.

A sampling of course topics includes:

  • Situational awareness training
  • Women’s safety course
  • Study abroad
  • Anti-kidnap training
  • Mass venue safety
  • The Church Security Planners Course
  • Coping with Civil Unrest
  • Preparing for Pandemics and Natural Disasters


Begin your journey to Peace of Mind today!

3213 Duke Street

Unit 643

Alexandria, VA 22314


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